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Who is Gaia?  (Goddess, mythology, Theory)

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Gaian Times Legal Status (not for profit) explained

Gaian Times Aims & Objectives

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Aims & Objectives

Gaian Times has set highly specific, extensive and Charitable Aims & Objectives for itself.  Not for profit companies need not have such extensive Objectives which are comparable to the Objectives of formal Charities. However  Gaian Times strives for such high ideals. 

1  Gaian Times Objectives, for the benefit of the Public, as as follows:

    a)  Educate the public and promote  conservation, protection and improvement of the world and natural environment.   [Environment]

    b). Explore evolving trends of human activities and its impact, regard, respect, worship and relationships to nature. [ Human trends & Impact]

    c) Advance the education of the public in the subject of natural sciences, psychology of the sacred, old world religions, nature-based beliefs and spiritual traditions, which enlighten the public in living harmoniously with nature  [Education & Spirituality]

    d) Promote visionary art  by the establishment and maintenance of, but not exclusively, an online art gallery, such that it furthers the exploration of possible future trends of the world. [Visionary Art].

2. Organise and facilitate for the education and benefit of the public seasonal ceremonies and celebration, festivals, conventions, lectures and courses that support the objects. [Events & Educating].

3. Produce, commission, and distribute literature, magazines, leaflets, books, websites and broadcasts that further the objects of the company [Publishing].

4. Assist, promote, support, co-operate with, become affiliated, and donate financially or otherwise to charities, associations, societies and bodies that have their objects similar to the Company. [Support others /  Charities] .

Gaian Times:    Legal status, Aims & Objectives explained

Legal status:

Gaian Times is  Registered as not-for-profit company,  Limited by guarantee. Registered in England & Wales. No: 07515903. Exempt from use of `Ltd’ . Incorporation date: 3rd Feb’2011. 

What does it mean? 

Gaian Times is a registered Company - so is governed by the Company laws of the United Kingdon. It must file annual returns to Company House (Government body) stating who are the current Directors & Secretaries, and the official registered Office of the Company.  It must also submit annual accounts to the government. Also Gaian Times submitted an Article of Association which has the `rules’ by which it must function. This can be downloaded from the Company House website. Note: Currently Gaian Times has 1 Director (Manivannan Navasothy, who is also the founder/ Chief Editor). 

Registered not for profit means, that Director, Trustee or any other Officers/ Employers of Gaian Times can NOT benefit from any financial profits of the Company.  So any profits made by Gaian Times must be put back into the Company for furthering its Aims & Objectives set in the Objects.  In the event of Gaian Times winding down, any assets & money left must be given to other Charitable Companies of a similar nature or to Charity.   (Note: As a Company, Gaian Times may hire people or employ people and pay them wages - just like any other Charitable Organisations do.

  GT Initiatives   

Gaian Times e-Magazine is just one of our many initiatives! 

Here are the other initiatives  we are developing as Gaian Times  grows..!

GT Social Enterprise Initiative:  As part of this, we are offering free websites set up and maintained (yes free) for individuals, community groups or small community organisations.. who have similar aims and objectives to that of Gaian Times.  This initiative stems from GT Objective 4 (see left box) `..supporting others/ Charities..’.  As an additional bonus, GT Director (Mani Navasothy) is personally offering Information, advise & Guidance for Esoteric Enterprises and Entrepreneurs. (Free weekly e-mails, videos, blogs and some consultations.. exclusive to Gaian Times e-mail subscribers!) 

GT ePublishing:  In 2014, Gaian Times will embark on accepting eBook submissions from interested Readers, with a view to editing, providing graphics/ illustrations, and publishing as eBooks on various online platforms..such as Amazon Kindle.  The works will remain copyright protected to the author(s) and all earnings from sales will go to the author. In return, Gaian Times will expect a small percentage of sales, to be used towards GT Objectives.

GT: Woodland Initiative. Over the years, a number of people (Pagans) have bought private woodlands. We like to start an initiative to raise funds, to purchase our own piece of woodland in the UK. As Gaian Times is a registered not-for-profit Company, its assets- such as the Woods when bought- will remain its own property! We this will allow the possibilities of many ventures – day visits, informal camping, and more. If you have knowledge of woodland purchases and what’s involved, and would like to be part of this initiative, please contact the Director (Mani) of Gaian Times.

GT: Visionary Art online Gallery. One of the Objectives of Gaian Times is to explore future trends of humanity and our world. Visionary Art plays a key role in this exploration of visual imagery of worlds, ecology, spirituality, and almost any facets of our lives- past, present and possible futures. Such imagery inspires, educates or even alerts us to potentials and pitfalls ahead of us. Gaian Times will be setting up an online Gallery of Visionary Art works. If you like to help manage, support or contribute, please contact us.


Who is Gaia..? 

Gaia is the Earth Goddess in Greek mytholgy! 

In many ancient religions, people have worshiped the Earth as a deity, and as the Great Mother. `Gaia’ of Greek mythologies, and `Pooma-devi’ of Hindu myths are just some example (In tamil language, `Poomi’ means Earth).  Until the 1970’s, seeing the Earth as a deity ha sonly been confined to the spiritual realms, or rather, it did not reach the scientific realms. But then came the `Gaia Hypothesis’ and the eventual `Gaian Theory’ from James Lovelock and within a short span (40 years), it has changed how even the scientists see the Earth- more as a self-regulating entity!

Gaia-goddess_to_galaxia-sm_c_Mani2011Until 1975 the hypothesis was almost totally ignored. An article in the New Scientist of February 15, 1975, and a popular book length version of the hypothesis, published in 1979 as The Quest for Gaia, began to attract scientific and critical attention. It was then attacked by many mainstream biologists. Championed by certain environmentalists and climate scientists, it was vociferously rejected by many others, both within scientific circles and outside them.       [*extract from  wikipedia.org]

There have been many major conferences and symposiums since then, on the subject of this theory. In 1985, symposium `Is The Earth A Living Organism?’  was held at the University of Massachusetts, USA, and in 1988 a major conference at San Diego.

So what of Gaian Evolution?  Global warming & new ice ages, extinction of human life, the long night of a hundred thousand years and dawn – of new species??  If Gaia is sentient, the question arises- What of the other planets? Where would Gaian sentience evolve to?  Gaia Galaxia- as explored by the famous scientist and writer Isaac Asimov in his  epic Foundation & Empire  novels?

    This is an extract from the article “ Gaia: Greek Goddess to Galactic Collective!”  that appeared in Issue#1 of our Magazine in June 2011 (written by Mani Navasothy)

Cons, Mags & Orgs:  A Brief  History of Gaian Times!  

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Gaian Times is  Registered as not-for-profit company,  Limited by Guarantee. Registered in England & Wales. No: 07515903. Exempt from use of `Ltd’