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  • Upcoming Events- Earth Day 2014

    Earth Day Picnic & Earth Healing Eco-Ceremony – 21st April’14- London
    Earth Day Picnic 21april2014- Trent park- north London

    Join us on bank-holiday Monday 21st April 2014, in Trent Park – one of London’s biggest woodland areas open to all.. for our annual `Earth Day Family Picnic event – with an Earth Healing Eco-Ceremony!!

    • Date: Bank Holiday Monday 21st April 2014 (Easter weekend)
    • Time: 1pm onwards (acr park gate shuts at 5pm..but people can stay much later).
    • Venue: Trent Park, Cockfosters (Piccadilly line, north London)
    • Facilities: There is a proper toilet & cafe and car parks. Children can play in play area.
    • Location: From Cockfosters tube, the `Cocfosters Gate’ of Trent park is only 5 minutes walk. We will be in the field immediately to the right..when you enter the park.. Cafe etc is further ahead.

    Event details

    There’ll be the following Activities :

    • *Drumming, Chanting & dancing
    • Family Picnic (bring own food…or bring some to share)
    • Egg hunt (for the kids!)
    • *Face painting (for kids and adults !) – need reliable volunteer !!
    • *Earth-Healing Ritual – (details soon)

    Please Bring:

    • Drums & Musical instruments
    • Bring family & friends (all religions welcome. This is about Earth).
    • -Bring eco-magical banners & posters to showcase and charge up with energy for your campaigns
    • -Bring crystals & ritual items for altar
    • -Bring plenty of Food & Drinks to share
    • Bring ground sheet / blanket or folding stool (for yourself)

    What you can do:  Please share this event and promote Earth day & Eco-Activities.

    Weather: We can’t predict the weather – but we’ve always carried an event, no matter what nature decides to do on that day. We will have some cover :-)

    History: Earth Day – 22nd April- has been celebrated and marked by people of the world for over 40 years (since 1971). It provides a focus for hundreds of initiatives and activities.. from Eco-based fundraising, environmental campaigns, creating educational activities for those unaware of Earth’s ecological & environmental problems.. to magical or spiritual ceremonies to connect with Gaia – the earth goddess/ spirit!

     Mani Navasothy (   Director/Chief Editor- Gaian Times Eco-Spiritual Magazine)   www.GaianTimes.com

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