GaianTimes magazine #1

GT#1 – June 2011


Gaian Times Initiatives.
Gaian Times was conceived as more than just a Magazine. It’s been registered as a not for profit Company so that many initiatives can be channelled through it. Here are some of them.

All about Gaia- Goddess to Galactic Collective (part 1). From Homer’s poems, to being a minor deity in ancient mythology, Gaia has surfaced as postulate and then as theory of James Lovelock. If it is true, then we ask the question of how far the Gaian Collective will evolve.

Repealing of the Witchcraft Act.  60 years on, how has this changed the practise of Witchcraft? If movies and TV programmes are anything to go by, what can we expect? We give a nod towards the previous versions of Law that contained the Witchcraft Act in its many forms.

Spells Magic and Human Desperation.  Vathani Navasothy is a professional Counsellor, Psychologist, Food Disorder therapist, Hypnotis and a published author. She is hired to give talks and training to School teachers & Hospital nurses. Here she gives her take on Human desperation of a magical kind.

Tarot for Gaia.  Rose Dixon is a professional Tarot reader, Witch, Psychologist and Charity-worker amongst many other things! We asked for her contribution to Gaian Times, and she came up with a Taror reading – for Gaia herself!

Work of the Gaian Times  (Company Ltd by Guarantee). Why we formed this not-for-profit Company? Aims & Objectives of GT; Forthcoming projects; How we can help you set up your own `not-for-profit’ organisation and more!

 An interview with an Advantologist. British by birth, and American by growth, he now lives in London, and here at last Marcus Lee  has an opportunity to share his ideologies, religious philosophies and beliefs that he calls `Advantology’!

The Work of Maureen Brown.   Maureen Brown realised that psychology was and is one of the most powerful tools of the Craft and integral with it.  She began her studies in Transpersonal Psychology, opening up for her *trainees the magical gates to the avenues to find our own sense of power. Hazel O’Flaherty who studied under and lived with Maureen in her final years, writes about Maureen’s work!   [*Editor of Gaian Times, Mani, is also one of Maureen’s  students].

Royal Wedding and the place of King in modern mythology (Social network discussion).    Is it true that the land and the King are One? What about that old myth that someone must do a Hern-ritual in Windsor Park every year for the country to remain well? Is anyone doing it? Question, thought provoking debates and insights!

An Eco-Magical Questionnaire. Reggie has been so well known for asking speakers the type of questions that stops them dead in their track. These have come to be known as the `Reggie Questions’. Here, he asks not just one but a whole array of them! Dare you answer?

Pisco sin Fronteras - by Pete from Peru!  Peter Donovan, one of our friends in London has been living in Pisco, Peru for over 2 years, and works as a Volunteer for PSF. Starting off as their `truck driver’, Pete is now in the board of Directors for PSF, and writes across the seas, about his work over there!  [Donations to PSF welcome- see article for more details].

Setup your own Not-for-profit Company! What are Not-for-profit Companies? How much does it cost? Do you need Lawyers & accountants? How we can help you set up your own `not-for-profit’ organisation and more!

 Energy Cost of a Google search! Its making billions of dollars for owners and millions for businesses, but in the blink of an eye, when a search is done, how much is it costing the Earth? And knowing it, will you stop `Googling’?

In Brief - Latest News of interest; Links to environmental organisations & campaigns;  Eco-Info and more.

Esoterica  In our Body-Mind-spirt zone, we take a brief look at   the subject of Meditation, and give some helpful tips. Future issue of GT will look at some of the wealth of world Esoterica

  Astrology   In this issue, we give an introduction to astrology, covering its general symbols; we explain what `aspects’, are with diagrams, and take a look at how to read an astrological Ephemeris.

Poetry   In this issue, Rory Mernagh , a flamboyant poet and a musician, provides 2 poems

Eco-Art & Photography - Visionary Art, Ecological posters; Your creative designs & thought-provoking photos. Take a look at some that we took recently!


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