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The Muse that got away from London-
An Ode to Rinpoche. 

Counselling & Community

MOT for your Romantic Relationships
SAFE: Standards Against Female Exploitation.
Talk in the Bay -  Cardiff Counselling for people with Depression.

Ecology, News & Campaigns

Eco (good) NEWS Corner

US bans Ivory Trade in ts borders
India declares Dolphins as `non-human person’
Shell scraps 2014 Arctic drilling Plans
London Hosts Anti-Wildlife Trading Conference
Protests & Campaigns

Kill the Ivory Trade - Action for Elephants Uk protestors

Stopping illegal Wildlife Trading & African local realities -

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Isis Navigatum ritual;
Spring Equinox- Hern’s Tribe;
One Spirit- Drum, Dance & Full moon Ecstatic Dancing Events (monthly)
Pagan Federation Spring Equinox
Druid spring Equinox
Earth Hour;
Meteor Watch 2014-


To be a Druid -

The Return of the Dawn- Druidic poetry

Wiccan Full moon rituals in London

Animal Communications - new GT column

Spells for protection of all Wildlife -.

Equation of Reality - .

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Elephantom Origins- !

Fan reaction to Doctor Who 50th anniversary Movie

Speeches at Protest outside Chinese Embassy

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Time Lord turns 50!

DrWho Imaginarium-

Magical Bookshops & Websites

Atlantis spiritual Centre (Enfield)-
Atlantis Bookshop  - i
Spirit of Isis - Healing Centre in Waltham
Clearly Destiny -
Spirit of Isis - Healing centre, Waltham Abbey)
Pagan Frontiers of London -

Editor’s Note for GT#10

Didn’t I say in the previous issue that `Gaian Times Magazine just keeps getting better’ ?   Well, you’ve seen the Cover..and possibly the Contents you by now (yes I know - Editorial is not that interesting, compared to all the other stuff - it’s probably the last thing you’ll read? That’s okay by me. It just means I did a good job with the magazine!)

Back to what I was saying - you’ve seen the cover, adorned by the adorable Miss Angela La Muse, and you’ve seen the contents and read a few features too by now..  So am I right or am I right?   Isn’t  GT getting better?  It’s continuing to gain international readership and contributions and  I am proud of that!

And this issue - with its gold cover title marks the 3rd Birthday of Gaian Times as a Registered not-for-profit Company. Yes we got it started back in February 2011!  The actual first GT magazine was published online in June 2011. So we’ll have a big Celebration then - in London - if you can make it!!

For now, let’s get back to talking about, and taking massive action on the Illegal Wild Life Trade, let’s keep going with bringing awareness to the new horrific prediction - that unless the World does something fast- the Elephants as a wild animal  race  will be 100& extinct in 5 years!! 

As this GT#10 issue comes to you, there is a Conference taking place in London, hosted by Prince Charles and the Prime Minister of United Kingdom, bringing together 50 of the world leaders - for the purpose of taking serious action to stop illegal Wildlife trading!   We are hoping it’s going to be more than just talk!

Okay Back to this issue-

Am thrilled to have contributions from Aurelia Anyika (Keyan origins), whom I met at the last `Peaceful protest outside Chinese Embassy in London (to urgeChina to stop Ivory trade!).  Aurelia is a fellow activist and Eco-Campaigner, passionate and serious- and I look forward to reading more of her work!

We also have Lisa Du Fresne starting a new column in Gaian Times, called Animal Communications (she’s writing from Canada)!  And Renard (Richard) Fox writes from America, about the Druid Path, and shares a poem too!

In case you are wondering, Gaian Times is not all about animals. It’s about people too.  And following on from my report of the London’s Erotica festival (GT issue#9), am very glad to be covering SAFE - the Safety network for people who work in the sex industry (Standards Against Female Exploitation). Angela Belassie has been kind enough to provide the feature with various facts and even a case study.

There is also a feature on the Psychology & Counselling Support being provided for people in cardiff, and Bristol, in our `Talk of the Bay’ feature.

Of course it’s Valentine Time!   And as I already mentioned, we have not just the photo of `Canada’s Sweetheart’ Angela La Muse, but ske has so kindly answered some of my questions, and provided professionally taken photos of her - just for GT.  (yes, me going to Canada to do a photo shoot with her just was taking too long!)

Vathani Navasothy writes about giving an MOT for your love relationships (she’s a Professional qualified Counselor of almost 24 years, and one of the founding members of Gaian Times!)

Well, there’s so much more - packed into this issue. I’ll stop talking you can go read it all - unless you’ve already read it all, and are so bored (or excited) that you are reading this Editorial piece now :-)

Just teasing ya.

A quick word on the past and future - apologies for not publishing the planned `Yule special’  - Life happens to all of us, even me!   And good news... next issue is out just before Earth Day - by mid-April!  It’ll also cover all the esoteric excitements of the Beltane festivities, and more chit-chats on Love, marriages and relationships!

Go enjoy this GT#10 issue. Am off to facebook, to say hello to all the contributors, especially the Muse that got away..

Best Wishes

-Mani Navasothy  (Editor / Director - Gaian Times)

February 2014, London, UK

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