GaianTimes Magazine #2

GT#2 – September 2012

Few words from the Chief Editor of of Gaian Times; Acknowledgement of Contributors;  Link to Issue#1;  Request for art works & features;  What's coming up in Issue#3 in December'11.

About Atlas. Our Cover features Atlas holding the world. Here's some mythical facts about the Titan who was punished by Zeus for the revolt.

Robbing Hoods of London.  August 2011 saw a week of riots and looting  in London and around severl cities of the UK, where `Hoodies' tookto the street. This feature looks at how, where...and why!

Navarathri. It's begun- the annual sacred ninne nights of worship of Hindu Goddess Shakthi in her three forms-  Saraswathy, Lakshmi & Durga; This feature also gives briefs on hindu temple structures, sacred animals and poojas (prayers).

London's Street Festivals.  We gives details of Mayor's Thames festival, Lions Part's October Plenty and the great Notting Hill Carnival.

Prince Charles: President of WWF.   In his speech of acceptance as President of world Wildlife Fund (WWF-UK), Prince Charles made important references to Nature Spirituality. Here we look at extracts of that important speech.

Children attending Pagan rituals.   Gone are the days of Flower Power. Media has been full of ridicule and slander on Pagan and new age beliefs. Here we feature a debate on Children attending Pagan rituals.

Magickal Groups that Soar : Antara gives details of Organisational Theory and how it can help Magickal groups improve their operations and activities. This is where psychology meets magic!

Sea Priestess & me : Magical concepts found in Dione Fortune's book.  The Sea Priestess has pearmeated modern Wicca and pagan practices. Here April accounts how the book that fell into her life has started to change her.

Tale of two Conventions. This year The Pagan Federation celebrates 40 years of campaigning for pagans with a high profile event at the Royal Geographical Society; Children of Artemis have been running Witchfest for almost 10 years now. Here we compare them in a `Table of two conventions'.

Autumn Equinox . Reggi Kwan (famed for the last issue's Eco-Magical questionnair that's keeping all still busy) gives his views on Autumn Equinox. Are you ready for some answers?

Slovenian Herbal Lores.   “Recovery is a slow process, but when it is done, it lasts forever!” were the words of Rev.Simon Asic, a Slovene Herbalist who lived many years ago. Kelly North-McKay writes from Slovenia about her discovery following a bad fall.

Ethos of Eden Project.  Vathani Navasothy, Psychologist and Counsellor, visited the Eden project in Cornwal. This is part 1 of her explorations, and what it may mea to the future of mankind on the planet.

Tamesa the Dark.  The light and dark love affair with the river Thames of London, its life giving source in cattle grazing county to life taking depths where bones of humans and cattle rest.  

In Brief:  50 yrs of WWF.. Three eco-organisations - World Wildlife Fund, Greenpeace & Friends of the Earth celebrate 50 & 40yrs  of activities. In GT issue 1 we covered others, so now it's about WWF.

Counselling: Man seeks his Venus.   In our counselling column, April gives a witty but sharp reality check for pagan men seeking their ideal women. Goddessess need not apply?!

Esoterica: Tree Exercise. Our  column gives newcomers guidelines on how to do the `Tree meditation exercise'.  Check our guide on Meditation in Issue#1

Band Review:  Green Lady Music Jenna Greene is a pagan musician in the US. Her first album Crossroads is available to listen, and she talks about her project for the upcoming 2nd album. She dreams of coming o the UK and perform one day. Gaian Times is pleased to publicise her project.

Astrology:  About Pluto. The name for (dwarf) planet Pluto originally came from  a 11-year old school girl in Oxford, England – a girl who was interested in astronomy and classical mythology. Read Astrological meanings, scientific & historical facts about the Planet of Transformation. .

Art - Poetry & Competition:   Our resident Eco-Hero Elephantom; Poetry from Rory;  Gaian Times  calendar Competition . Puzzles.

Short Story section: (coming soon)  `Extract from April’s forthcoming book `When the Steamroller came..’

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