GaianTimes Magazine #3

GT#3- January 2012

Few words from the Chief Editor of of Gaian Times; Acknowledgement of Contributors;    How you can contribute Features, Art & Reviews to GT; Submission deadlines;  What's coming up in future issues of GT;  Progress on GT Initiatives and updates; Aims & Objectives of GT

Thai Pongal: Mid-January is the begining of Tamil Harvest festival Pongal, where farmers honour the Sun and the Cattle. Here we give an account.

Unleashing the mighty Dragon: Vathani writes about the Chinese New Year coming on 23rd January, Feng Shui, and year of the water Dragon.

Resolutions: April’s column dives into New Year resolutions, and their pitfalls.

Earth Hour 2012: Brief history of Earth Hour and what it entails, coming on 31st March - every year!

Mother & Daughters: Dynamic Endangered: Professional Counsellor Vathani explores mother-daughter dynamics, ahead of the Mothers Day in a few months.

Team building for Pagans: In her second psychology related article, Antara explains D.Belbin’s theroy, and explores how it can be used by Pagans, especially when exploring Elements and roles.

Enigmatic Eden Enterprising at its best: In part 2 of her writing, Vathani Navasothy explores further aspects of the Eden Project in Cornwall, UK, in a photo log.

Magical Empowerment in a God-less Universe: An article written and published in 2003 by Mani Navasothy for `Withcraft and Wicca magazine’ - here reproduced. This is a first in a series of features addressing paganism and magic in the coming decades.

Climate Change -  a passing thought: Rose Dixon who gave us the Taror for Gaia in GT issue#1  muses over her accidental conversations with a Climate Scientist  on a train.

Kiss n Tell! In her second column, April Jonquil explores the gossiping nature of relationships in some pagan communities!

Rainbow Warrior 3: We visited the Greenpeace ship in London, Here is an account of her, with photo / video clips.

Occupy London - Sights and songs:    We explain what exactly is the Occupy Movement, where they are based in London and account our time there in General assembly that took place on Remembrance Sunday in November 2011. Includes embedded clips of songs

Attending a Pagan Ritual: Reuban,  Christian close friend recently attended a Pagan open ritual, fearing possible satan worhsip, shares his delightful insights candidly.

Gaia Conventions: The brief history and motivations of the PF London’s 3 Gaia Conventions of 2007, 08, 09. We put out a request to the many contributors of those conventions.

Life cycle of the Sun: Some scientific facts about the life cycle of our Sun, and when it will reach its end!

Avatars:  Hindu myths & Hollywood Movies:  Hindu mythologies of Lord Vishnu and his ten avatars explained, along with a glance towards that famous hollywood movie Avatar. Includes embedded discussions between Marcus, Reggie & Mani (GT contributors).

Tarot for Gaia:   Rose Dixon, Psychic and professional Tarot reader, gives Gaia her second reading for the coming months. If you were Gaia, what would you do?!


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