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GT#4- June  2012

-Welcome to the 4th Issue of Gaian Times eco-magazine. This marks a historic moment – as we celebrate our first anniversary! So yeap, `Happy Birthday to Gaian Times!”  We are slowly growing up, and settling into a own style – but don’t relax – because there’s also some changes ahead.

Earth Day 2012 event in London. -The world has  started  to  honour  Gaia again,  through  the  annual Celebration  of  `Earth  Day’ on  22nd April  every  year.  Here are some photos and details of our own event in North London to mark Earth Day 2012.

Beltane Festivals.- Beltane is the beginning of the summer, and is celebrated as the festival of May, with May Queens, May Pole dancing and Greenman myths.  It is a festival of fertility, sexuality and abundance.  here we share our experiences about Edinburgh Beltane Fire festival & Hasting Jack O’Green (man) festival.

Esoteric Exclusions- A coven rejection story. - “It was all too much just to observe, so l went inside the shop to find out why! The shop assistant turned out to be a High Priestess who explained that these paintings were of some of the most magical places on earth..”  April writes about her experiences.

Tarot for Gaia (May 2012). -  Rose Dixon gives her regular taror reading for Gaia.

Bullying in Pagan & Wiccan communities. - The newcomer is then slammed, criticised, and exorcised – under various Wicca rules and clauses of courses! They are told they are `not ready for the path,’ or some equally pretend-altruistic magical mumbo-jumbo advise. It’s a brush-off by any other name! - Mani Navasothy addresses an important issue in Pagan communities.

Mother’s Day thoughts:  A Tale of Two Entities.- We all have another Mother that we should acknowledge on Mother’s Day too. The lovely Mother Nature. Mother Earth. As the chant goes “Mother I feel you under my feet. Mother I feel your heartbeat”. She is the Source, the Mother that provided the nourishment and womb, environment for your Mother and father and your ancestors to live in and create you and your descendants....- Rose Dixon writes.

Romova: Lithuanian pagans in London. -  A brief account of Romuva in London, and our experiences of camping with them. .

Sacred Goal Setting for Deeper Spiritual Experience. - “I doubt many people speak of deep spiritual experience and goal setting in the same breath. For me, however, they are fundamentally entwined. Goal setting is a key element of my spiritual practice and the cornerstone of successful groups. If this seems odd then come with me on a journey to the dark side of the Left and Right brain dichotomy..”-  Antara writes more on the Psychology of Goal setting that is useful to pagan communities. .

Memories of things Green: Australia, India, London. - “I am an imposter here. I feel terror and am turning back, running. There is a flash of lighting as darkness descends and a huge brown snake is exposed. There are sacred places not for trespass, this land I do not understand. I have no ancestral knowledge of its ways. This beautiful terrifying land that would kill me should i be exposed in it without my cocooning of comforts lest I knew its secrets of life....” - Jinji Garland on Yoga, Australia and pastures green in India.

The Secrets to Winning Edge – The Golden Olympian Way. - “We are not God like Zeus, who owns this flame -  the symbol of power, elitism, skill and performance; yet what makes us mere mortals – not even demigod: Hercules,  think that WE could be in with a chance of winning so victoriously across all oceans, colours , creed and cultures?...” Vathani Navasothy’s empowering article.

“On the Scene, I am going to be.. -  “People step onto the pagan scene, often unknown and unannounced and wearing an invisible mask. This adds confidence for the newcomer but it doesn’t build much trust on the inside for us, therefore taking longer to get to know”.  - April  speaks frankly!

Superhero Syndrome. - So many teenagers, young adults and mature adults are immersed into the world of Superheroes . Something that started off in the comic books but now has jumped into films, Video/Computer games!   What are the pro’s and con’s of this mindset? - Feature article by Mani.

Stellar Engineering your life with Eclipses & transits. - - Astrology & magic special by Mani Navasothy.

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