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Promethian Legacies

Barefoot Running

Midsummer at Stonehenge

Deity Dozen - Big Brother  2012

Are you Exercise-Wise?

On the trail of the Olympic Torch -part 1

On the Trail of the Olympic Torch -part 2

In the Arms of our Swabbies -

Pagan Choice Paralysis

Press release: Jenna Green Music

Gaia’s Dirty Garter: Pollution in space

Gold Nuggets

Atomic Memorial: Remembering Hiroshima & Nagasaki

Press release: Whale Watch coalition

The Best of British - London 2012 Olympics

GT #5    August 2012 (London Olympic Special)

Editor’s Letter

London Olympics 2012..!

Now that I have mentioned it, how do you feel? Are you one of the supporters and celebrators, or one who has been unhappy about the state of finances and employment cuts in the UK, and thinks that the benefits of hosting of Olympics is overrated? Whatever the case may be, I hope you will scroll through this `Olympic special issue  of the Gaian Times e-magazine. It is quite literally `Olympic’ in nature, with a wide variety of features packed into it. As  If this was a printed document it will be over 50 pages long!

We continue to address the issues of human impact on Earth’s environment. The `Pollution in Space” feature takes it right out to the space around Earth.

Whale Watch coalition is a new entity, and they were kind enough to provide us with a Press release - with some very nice photos of Whales and Dolphins.

Jenna Greene is now working on her 3rd new age music album (in USA). We featured her works a few issues back, and she has kept us in mind and sent us an update.

I simply must draw your attention to Rose Dixon’s amusing and thoughtful `Deity Dozen feature. It was standing at almost 12 pages when I opened the draft word document, and I was astounded. It is using the now popular (!) TV show `Big Brother format, and she imagines how these  Olympian Gods & Goddesses would interact if they were put together in the Big Brother House 2012, while the Olympics in London are going on!

Vathani has been excited about the Olympics, visited the Stadium, followed the Torchbearers, watched many competitions on TV, visited the ship HMS Ocean where the British Navy had an open day-  and shares her thoughts, feelings and numerous photos in 3 features. She also writes about Exercises (she has got a degree n Sports Physiology!

Antara tuns out attention to Pagans getting lost in decision making and applies some Psychology to solving the problems.

And I must simply welcome Bryony & Laura who have written for GT for the first (of many I hope) time - of their Midsummer trip to Stonehenge.

Last but not least, I have brought attention to the upcoming anniversary of  the end of the World War 2 - the nuclear bombing of the Japanese cities Hiroshima & Nagasaki.  The date to remember is between 6th-9th August!  It marks the one (and hope the only ever) time such a weapon has been used on humans by humans!

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