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Editorial for GT#6.....

Witches in LondonWitches in London.

Disappointing Death at Sixteen

StagWatch: A bit of a Crush


GBH: Goddess Bodily Harm

Love The Badger Dance

Books and failed ideas

Poppy thoughts: An Army gal's daughter remembers!

Australia creates largest Marine Reserve in the World.

Poem: Island Earth

Demon War (Sooran Porr): Hindu festival of Victory

Gaian Times Social Initiative: Esoteric Enterprises.

African Elephant Massacre of 2012.

Magic  Meditation to stop the Taiji Cove Dolphin killings

Major Pagan events & Fests of 2013.

GT #6    November 2012

Editor’s Letter

Three months ago, in my Editorial,   I said  “We’re making the next issue  the `Paganism & Magic’ - where  the  `Paganism in the 25th Century’  and `Bionics, Concrete & Paganism’ articles will appear.   That said, I do believe this issue (#6) has actually become a serious `Eco-issue’! And Gaian Times being eco-spiritual, we just can not miss raising awareness of these Eco-matters, and reporting on some of the atrocities that have been going on in the world. It takes priority - every time!

So many ecological activities, campaigns, news and releases have been taking place and still are.  The annual Dolphin herding and mass-killing in Taiji Cove (Japan) has started a few months ago, and amongst the protests and campaigns, we have pagans joining forces to do magical & meditation work -every night!  National Geographic Magazine has reported that 25,000 Elephants (possibly more) have been killed by humans for the sake of Ivory in this last year alone in Africa!!  Here in UK, the Government's plans to cull massive amounts of Badgers (because hey have TB that might infect cattle) raised a storm of -Badger Dance- protest outside the Houses of Parliament! Rose who took part in it as well as visiting the Parliament gives a full report, with input from fellow `Badgers’!  It’s not all doom.  Australia has proclaimed the seas around them a Marine reserve - the largest in the world!

Our regular Columnists Vathani &  April have contributed their usual high standard of features - merging the personal, psychological, and social narratives! Vathani writes about GBH - that is `Goddess Bodily Harm’;  April - being the daughter of a lady who served in the Land Army during the wars many decades ago, reflects on what her mother’s life & values were, as well as the events around National Remembrance Day (Poppy Day) - 11th November!   And we are joined by new contributions from Pamela Harvey, Debbie Gallagher & Beth Murray. Debbie is no stranger to media, TV shows and the psychic realms - but here she accounts her touching personal experience with the Deer (Stags) in Richmond park.

Beth has contributed features on her  `death experience’  as well as on creative writing. And Pamela - who still prefers writing using an old type-writer (I had to re-type it into my laptop) writes about her intense views of where the world is heading- in article titled `Atheism’ and a poem `Island Earth’.

And I could not pass up the chance to talk about the Halloween Ritual 27 of us did on the banks of the river Thames - on the Halloween night!  I’ve also written about `Sooran Por - Demon War’ a hindu festival of the god Murugan defeating a demon that is flamboyantly enacted by most temples!   And last but not least - we are formally launching a major GT Social Initiative: The Esoteric Enterprises!

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