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Gaian Times: Science & Magic of our Earth

GT #8    August 2013

Year 3 ahead!   (Editor’s Letter)

“..and if you believe that, I’m a monkey’s Uncle’’  I shall get to it in a while.. but first..

Welcome to Issue #8 of Gaian Times Magazine!

Many of my friends are calling this issue (#8) of Gaian Times Magazine the `Harvest’ issue. Am not surprised, as I live in England, and it is Lammas/Harvest time here. But for those of you living in the Southern hemisphere of our planet (say Australia), it’s the beginning of Spring/Summer, and Harvest is months away!

Gaian Times is about the whole of the planet Earth –  so it is important to not only be aware of the seasons on the other side of the Globe, but also explore and address the themes and issues going on in all parts of the Wolrd..!

And that’s where YOU come in!

We very much like to connect with YOU.., communicate, and build  journalistic, creative and eco-spiritual connections with all types of people from around the World.

So if you are reading this..  and like to contribute your reporting, writing and creative artistic or campaign skills to the many aims and causes of Gaian Times..  do get in touch with me.. . If you are reading this, I have found you... but now, it’s your turn... and you must come and find me..  on facebook, on my blogs, on my Youtube channel, twitter, google+, in the streets.. at events..and so on.  Do come and say hello. Shake my hand, smile..and start talking ..about your ideas and ideals.. your hopes and plans..  and how you can use Gaian Times serve the World...change it.. support it!  I want to hear about your larger than life ideas..

Changing the subject slightly, I am incredibly thrilled to be here.. as the Founder & Director.  Gaian Times has just passed the mile stone of 2 full years of producing this eco-spiritual e-magazine.  So we are embarking on our 3rd year.. The first Gaia Convention we organised was called `Gaia3: Earth, Environment & Kinship’. What that means to me is that Gaia is triple-form, and operates through the actual physical Earth (rocks, rivers, trees and mountains), Environment (eco-systems, atmosphere, temperatures) and of course the connection between people..  Kinship!   Sol  year 3 is where I feel Gaian Times is going to grow  and expand its horizons further.. and we have plans!!!

So what plans, you ask?

The first major Aim is to develop this e-Magazine further, mainly the writing team. We need more writers with ever more wider experiences, wild and crazy `out of the world’ thoughts and dare I say visionary states of come join our team..and write incredible features.. !  I never set off to have Gaian Times produce historical or archaeological pieces. Plenty of others are doing that. I wanted GT to go deeper into Psychology of human Societies, deeper into religious and into the layers of Spirituality that connects all, more into the Sciences where logic and facts start to fade and realms of theories and notions dance..  Those are the realms, where we’ll find the seeds of the Future! And Gaian Times is after all about `Educating the people of Today for the worlds of Tomorrow’!

But it’s not just that...Gaian Times Magazine also has the tag line, `Exploring the Science, Magic and Beauty of our Earth’.

For quite a while, we have been focusing on certain areas ..but in year 3, we must start to explore more of the Arts and Beauty of our world..  What are all the fun and enjoyable things..leisure and pleasures, wants and needs that make us people tick? Those are also the things we must explore more in forthcoming issues!

So am looking for those of you who like to write about love, romance, arts, drama, films, beauty, poetry, fiction, fashion, visions, finances, wealth, health and alternative societies.. and more! )

Don’t stereotype Gaian just a magazine about serious eco-news, a bit of esoteric, some science, and may be a touch of Mythology or two. It’s about everything of the World..!!

What about the second major Aim? There’s a whole lot of activities - like organizing events, conventions,  socials, creation of galleries, producing & publishing educational booklets, brochures and guides.. social enterprises, supporting other Charities and more.   BUT, we’ll get t that in 2014.. 2015 and beyond (Did I mention the 5-year plan? I didn’t? )

All that remains for me to do.. for now.. and it is the most important thing..   to thank my wonderful sister Vathani for all her hard work with all the professional videos, interviews and photos she has provided for this GT. I also like to thank my other sister Yalini, for living in London for a while, because I get to have the most magical times with my 2 year old nephew (who by the way is teaching me so much about `parenthood’. I have always loved children.. regular Pied-Piper that I am in family gatherings and social events.. people comfortably let their kids in my safe hands..  but now am learning the intricate hard works of I look after my nephew..  (one reason why GT#8 was delayed by a few days! When there’s a child in the house, everything else shifts or has to wait! Parents & Guardians amongst you already know this.. Am just learning it as an Uncle!

 I do gardening...  and he comes out to join me..  touching flowers, picking twigs and stones.. exploring my outdoor tree-den.. ! I take out my DIY tools for some art & Craft work.. and he wants to examine the nuts, bolts and screws (technical mindedness runs in our family!) And besides.. playing with him keeps my inner child happy, and thus I am more balanced. The untamed, inner child has much creativity, magic and powers of the hidden Wild-man/woman in us.  It is the powerful monkey in us all...  so yeas, I am the Monkey’s Uncle!!  And that makes me the Big-Ape to his little cheeky Monkey!  (Aha, the penny drops? How many of you have called your little ones that? Have you wondered why?!!)  There’s a whole lot of Transpersonal psychology in there that we’ll get to in an article another time! (and you thought I was babbling..!)

And I like to welcome and thank the new writers who have just joined our Team..   Soraya, Sascha, Wendy, Amir, Sue, Ric, Maria!   You readers are in for more these well-experienced Writers, Artists, Organisers, Spiritual people, Healers, Teachers and Researchers turn their hands to Gaian Times!

Me? Am going to take a bit of a back seat...! Yeah right!

Well, enjoy Summer/Autumn.. or Spring/Summer.. depending on where on Earth you are living.

-Mani Navasothy 

(GT Founder, Director & Chief Editor), London 2013.

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