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Editor’s Letter
News: Elephantom comes Alive
Are you Offended?

Featured articles

A very Wiccan Samhain
Death by Words
Releasing the past, held by the land- a Shamanic Perspective
Re-Engaging with Living Energy
Five spiritual concepts to keep you emotionally stable.
Samhain Herbs: Insights into Seasonal Herbs
 London city of Revelations, Chakra or Stargate?
Making Money - A word on monetary reform 

Ecology & Campaigns:

Honey Bees Decline;
Gasland pt2: A Fracking Film Event & Review
March for Elephants - Reviews & New Initiatives in UK
International Peace Day- Family Picnic in London


Storm Magic & Psychic Techniques
Wicca Full Moon Rituals in London

Events & Reviews

 The Country Writer's Craft: Writing for Country;
 The Warrior’s Call to Glastonbury
 International Peace Day
Quests of Isis (Thames Ritual)
Woodland Autumn with Romuva & Hern’s Tribe

People & Community

Author feature: Rebecca Beattie -
Right of Reply: Spirit of Isis speaks to Teenage Exorcists

Photo & Video blogs

 Ancient Stones of Dartmoor
Notting Hill Carnival
Closing Down Kew Gardens!
Thames Halloween Ritual

Culture, Fashion & Entertainment:

 Travelling Talesman;
A Rosey Winter; Halloween fashion;
All Acts of Love & Pleasure: A Day at Erotica 2013

Magical  Bookshops & Sites

Atlantis spiritual Centre (Enfield)-
Atlantis Bookshop  -i
Treadwells-London .
Clearly Destiny -.
Pagan Frontiers of London 


Our Writers for this Issue (GT#9)

Kenny Klein
Amber Agha
John Dray
Andrew Durling
Maria Mossman (no photo)
Bruce Nixon
Christ Street
Vathani Navasothy
Julie Dollman
Wendy Stokes
George Eraclides
Gordina Steckert
Mani Navasothy

GT #9    November 2013

Editor’s Letter

Gaian Times Magazine just keeps getting better - as more and more professionally published authors, experts and beginner-writers join our ever growing team of contributers!

In this issue, we are joined by Kenny Klein, who writes about a very Wiccan Samhain, Amber Agha sharing her shamanic perspectives on Releasing the past held by the land, Julie Dollman writes about Re-Engaging with Living Energy, and Christ Street focuses on the mystical nature of London - be it a city of revelations, planetary chakra or a Stargate!

That’s not all! John Dray, Andrew Durling & Maria Mossman contribute eco-themed reports on the Declining Bee population, the Fracking issues & movie, and the March for Elephants, UK - a new group set up to campaign for saving Elephants!

Something I had always wanted to know- and as if my magic- Bruce Nixon’s feature on how money is made by banks and the impact of monetary reform - covers my curiosity!

Gordina Steckert from Germany writes about spiritual concepts to keep us emotionally stable; Vathani Navasothy not only writes about Herbs fo ruse at Halloween, but gives us photo-blogs about the Dartmoor Stones - which rather nicely resonate  with our mini-author profile on Rebecca Beatie who has written books on those very west country landscape-inspired fiction.. !

Wendy Stokes has once more contributed with a Book Review, and also written about the troubles caused by those `Teenage Exorcists from USA’.

My own interview / video follows up the matter, by giving an opportunity to Maria Savva -owner of Spirit of Isis.  Interestingly, Maria’s son George Eralclides - whom I met during that event turned out to be a fashion blogger, and has contributed GT’s first fashion column!

And that’s not all.. By now you’ve seen the titillating images of that `Angel’ on the cover..and will know that we are starting some new features.. into the many worlds of alternative cultures. We start with a report on Erotica 2013!

Well, things are certaintly going to warm up, as we head towards winter in western hemisphere, and summer in the southern hemisphere.

Earlier in 2013, GT took a few extra months to surface (April’13). But we are going to make up for it... with a special edition next month! (Oh yes, more work for me..I’ve only just finished with this issue!)

As it’s coming up closer to Christmas / Yule, and New Year, we’ll go with those well as our usual columns. Am already looking forward to `The Muse that got away’ (ahem, that will be a Burlesque feature on a good friend of mine who is very successful now in Canada!).  We hope to have features from the alternative/ goth scene in Brighton; A persona profile of a Glastonbury Priestess of Avalon.. Astrology, and more!

So hurry up and finish reading this issue...before the next one gets here quickly!!

Best Wishes

-Mani Navasothy  (Editor / Director - Gaian Times)

November 2013, London, UK

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